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© 2020 Ivan Baryshnikov Music

Most recent projects


Acoustic live improvised music trio - more info soon.


Trip-hop experimental music project by saxophone player Ivan Baryshnikov, where he leaves out the “traditional” instrumentalist approach to performing music, going into electronica, exploring new areas outside of the acoustic music. 

His interest in electronica started from early years, when his school friend Kirill K. (K-Ra). Kirill played him the recording of “Play” by Moby in the beginning of 2000’s. 

Later in 2012, Ivan was a participant of The Matthew Herbert All-Russian Big Band and performed with him in Moscow and London, which played a significant role in choosing the music direction for this project. “I remember me soloing on a saxophone, and Matthew was sampling my sound in a real time. I was hearing it and felt absolute joy and happiness – that was something I never experienced before”. 

Since that time he started to be interested in trip-hop, techno, disco, IDM, hip-hop and their derivatives.


Reverie is an acoustic music duo of guitar and saxophone, founded by Tim van der Velden and Ivan Baryshnikov in the Netherlands (2019).


The main concept of the project is experimenting with the acoustics of different spaces, only using the pure sounds of the instruments. Setting their own direction, Reverie moves out of the technical and gear oriented trends in music development, and creates an intimate and inspiring atmosphere during their performances.


Going further with experiments, Reverie invites guest artists of different genres, including musicians, dancers and visual artists, to raise the listening experience to another level. 

Ivan Baryshnikov Quartet

Blend of jazz and fusion music, representing the original composing approach of Ivan Baryshnikov for a jazz quartet.

Latest Release:

Debut album "Journey" (2018) marks the arrival of tenor saxophonist Ivan Baryshnikov as a vital presence on the international jazz scene. Featuring Marko Churnchetz (piano/keyboard), Ryan Berg (acoustic/electric bass) and Samvel Sarkisyan (drums), Baryshnikov’s debut offers a sonic narrative of his ambitious journey from his native Moscow to Holland and finally New York. 

"Journey" was recorded in New York City on December, 19th (2017) at Park West Studios, with a sound engineer Jim Clouse.

All projects ​

(2020) triijo - performer, composer, producer, leader (The Netherlands)

(2020) REVIVAL - composer, producer (The Netherlands)

(2019 - now) Reverie acoustic duet - performer, composer, producer (The Netherlands)

(2019 - now) Tales of Paris jazz trio - performer, leader, composer (The Netherlands)

(2019 - now) AFAR by X_Yusuf_Boss - composer, performer (The Netherlands)

(2017 - now) Eváan - music producer (Worldwide)

(2017 - 2018) Hiske Oosterwijk - performer (The Netherlands, USA)

(2017) Amira B - performer (USA)

(2017 - now) Plee - performer, producer (Worldwide)

(2017) Live At Olympus - performer (The Netherlands)

(2016 - 2018) Music Comes First - composer, music producer, performer (The Netherlands)

(2015) Matvey Grigoriev Jazz Quintet - performer (Russia)

(2014 - 2015) All See Band & Olga Sinyaeva - performer (Russia)

(2013 - 2016) Drugdeejeya - performer (Russia)

(2012) Matthew Herbert All Russian Big Band Russian - performer (United Kingdom, Russia)

(2012 - 2015) Big Jazz Orchestra by Peter Vostokov - performer (Russia)

(2012) The Brubeck Brothers - performer (Russia)

(2010 - now) Ivan Baryshnikov Quartet - leader, composer, music producer (USA, The Netherlands, Russia)

(2010 - 2016) Solid Band - leader and music producer (Russia)

(2010 - 2014) Academic Band by Anatoly Kroll - performer (Russia)

(2006 - 2010) Clockwork Times - performer (Russia, Belarus)

among others