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Ivan Baryshnikov is mentoring students across the world in the following subjects: Saxophone, Music Theory, Composition, Improvisation, Ableton Live, Music Business, Artist Development. His main goal is to inspire students to find and develop their personal music voice.

Ivan is giving workshops and lectures, presenting his author's method of developing for musicians "Find Your Personal Voice In Music". 

It is a unique system, based on self-reflection, analysis and planning, that was developed during Ivan's Master research "How To Find Your Personal Voice In Jazz Music" (2016-2018). You can find out more in this article on Academia

Lessons are given to people of all ages from 10 years old, and all levels from zero music experience to performing professionals. 

Assistance in choosing a music gear (instrument and accessories) and maintenance is provided. 

Lessons in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

​Ivan is available for lessons in person in Amsterdam area and surroundings. 

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Try-out lesson: €35,- / 45 minutes

Regular lesson: €75,- / 1 hour 

4-Lessons Course: €285,- / 4 lessons of 1 hour - (5% discount)

8-Lessons Course: €545,- / 8 lessons of 1 hour - (10% discount)

For students from 21 years old additional 21% BTW is charged.

Studio rental and printed materials are included in the price.  

Lessons Globally (Internet Video-sessions)

Ivan is available for lessons worldwide via Internet.

​Book a lesson with Ivan now using Contact page. 


Try-out lesson: €20,- / 45 minutes

Regular lesson: €60,- / 1 hour 

4-Lessons Course: €228,- / 4 lessons of 1 hour - (5% discount) 

8-Lessons Course: €436,- / 8 lessons of 1 hour - (10% discount)

For students from 21 years old additional 21% BTW is charged. 

PDF materials are included in the price.

Video lessons

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Playlist in English is here.

Playlist in Russian is here

Education Materials

Check the Products page to get the latest educational materials from Ivan Baryshnikov, and more.

Reviews - what people say about lessons with Ivan:  

"I had a lesson with Ivan Baryshnikov and was humbled by the experience. As soon as the session began with Ivan I was calmed and my attention was sharp with his presence. Ivan is a wonderful teacher who closely listens to the studens. Ivan puts the wonder back into music and that is something that is needed in this world. He set an objective calming tone of the session that gave me the confidence to practice hard again. Plus he's just a good bro who kills the sax. I hope to have another lesson soon once I've mastered the essentials. Thanks, Ivan." - Ras Eddy Rashid - trumpet player. 

“I was taking lessons with Ivan for three months by Skype. I was interested in improving my composing skills, working on new rhythms and organizing my practice routine in a right way. I have only positive impressions: the material was structured, examples he gave were from both reputable sources and his personal experience. New information was explained in a very accessible way and without useless talks. He helped me to track my progress by analyzing the results. In terms of scheduling a lesson Ivan was very organized, responsible and flexible. 

It is great that he loves what he does and shares his experience and knowledge about music. I recommend him to everybody!” - Valery Mukaev, saxophone player.